Dear friends,

after having the honorable duty to serve as the president of HEAD for four years, writing this editorial for a new issue of Agroeconomia Croatica fills me primarily with great joy. That which is not written is easily forgotten so each of your papers contributes to the life of our HEAD.

At these times when we are forced to ”chase” impact factors, quartile scores and who knows what else they’re yet to come up with, you remain loyal to our journal. Through our own growth, Agroeconomia Croatica develops as a reputable journal as well.

Though we are surrounded with uncertainties and doubts, and there are even some predicting bad times ahead, our responsibility is to believe in a better world. And not just to believe in it, but to act upon it with abilities endowed by our Creator for our short journey on Earth.

This is my farewell as the president of HAED, with a motto that we’ve been following for the past four years: ”Together we are stronger”.

The journal is available online on the HAED website (http://haed.hr/aec/), as well as on the Croatian portal of scientific journals (http://hrcak.srce.hr/agroeconomia-croatica).

Yours sincerely,

Ivo Grgić, president of HAED