Dear friends,

just when one starts to question the point of our work something beautiful, and for the uninformed unexpected, comes along – the new issue of Agroeconomia Croatica. I am particularly pleased that each new issue includes more and more scientists from all over the world whose work and research tackle current issues in agriculture and rural development.

This year and the upcoming ones are marked by ever greater natural changes and fluctuations which require quality solutions in planning the future of agricultural development at both local and global level. Though it still remains an unresearched filed, there is no doubt the agriculture will be greatly influenced by both the existing and new global crises which incite unpredictable demographic changes. Due to all this Croatian Society of Agricultural Economists and agricultural economists in general have a great responsibility to rise to the challenges which lie ahead of us.

Finally, let’s not forget that thoughts are easily forgotten, but written words remain.

The journal is available online on the HAED website (http://haed.hr/aec/), as well as on the Croatian portal of scientific journals (http://hrcak.srce.hr/agroeconomia-croatica).

Yours sincerely,
Ivo Grgić, president of HAED