Dear readers,

we proudly present the ninth volume of our journal Agroeconomia Croatica. It is a journal published by Croatian Society of Agricultural Economists, which enables our members and colleagues to release scientific and expert papers in agricultural economics and rural sociology area. There is also an electronic version of a printed journal available at the web pages of Croatian Society of Agricultural Economists (hppt://www.haed.hr/aec/), but it can be also seen at the following portals: Hrčak and AgEcon search.

Agroeconomia Croatica is the only journal from this specific research field in Croatia and one of the few of such in the region. Journal aims to promote scientific knowledge towards wider scientific community and business as well as through integration of different scientific branches.

This, tenth volume of the Agroeconomia Croatica contains fifthteen papers, 10 in Croatian and 5 in English. Six works are works by foreign authors – three from Nigeria and one each from Slovenia, Serbia and Hungary. The greater volume of this and the previous journal number is the result of a greater interest of the authors since the magazine has been indexed into the CAB Abstract Database since 2016. All papers printed from sixth volume of the journal (2016-2019) have already been indexed in the CAB, and so will be with these and next volumes. I use this opportunity to invite authors from the country and abroad who cope with the issue of agricultural economics and rural sociology to give their contribution to the journal. As in the previous volume, the topics covered in this issue are wide variety so I do not doubt that everyone will find something interesting and useful. Some of the papers in this issue present the results of the authors introduced at the scientific and expert conference Innovations: Guarantee of the Agribusiness Future in Croatia, organized by the Croatian Agroeconomic Society in November 2020 in Križevci. I would like to thank all the members of the Editorial Board and the Croatian Agro-Economical Society for their great help and support in publishing the journal. At the same time, I would like to thank all authors who have published their valuable papers without which the journal could not progress. With a call for future fruitful cooperation, yours truly

Ružica Lončarić, editor in chief.